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Hippoly is a streamlined board portal for seamless management of meetings, documents, and tasks, all in one secure platform with integrated e-signing. Perfect for any organization looking to digitize governance.

“We have gained better control, higher access to information, and saved an incredible amount of time."
Thomas Aebeloe
"Hippoly is super easy to work with and very intuitive."
Gitta Hertzman Peréz
"Everything in one place! What a gift this is. Thank you Hippoly!"
Sofia Appelgren
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Everything needed in on place

Available on desktop, mobile or tablet.

Boost meeting planning and ease prep for all invited.

Invite to efficient and structured meetings with our smart agenda builder. Attach the documents to the respective items for easier preparations.

Effortlessly draft, edit, and sign meeting minutes

Create minutes based on the agenda or a previous set of minutes. Write yourself or let AI do the work. Manage reviews and signing without sending a single email.

Enhance conditions for effective decision execution

Keep track of what is decided and who is responsible for what. Simplify collaboration and delegation, and receive automatic reminders as due dates approach.

Raise security when communicating and sharing files

Discuss and ask questions in a structured and encrypted manner in groups or via direct messages. Organize and share files without users needing to download them to their devices.

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Easy for everyone

Truly user-friendly. You’ll be up and running in just a few minutes.

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Wherever you are you always have access to Hippoly on your mobile, computer or tablet.



Your information is safe. Secured with multi-layer encryption and unique encryption keys.

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Integrated with the services you need and already love

Hippoly is integrated with tools you’re already familiar with and data sources that keep you updated.

Partnerships that deliver added value.

Hippoly has a wide range of partners. Reach out to us or your contact at each partner for more information on what the partnership means for you and your organization.

Söderberg & Partners
Almi invest
Chalmers ventures
GU ventures
Founders loft

Check out our demo video and see how Hippoly works

If you rather prefer a personal demo or want to get in touch with us, that's of course possible too!

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