Secure collaboration

Communicate and share files securely

Stop looking for files and information in long unreadable email threads. Bring all your files and discussions together in a secure and structured environment.

Communicate and share files securely
Secure filesharing

Secure file sharing

Hippoly simplifies file sharing and is a place where your team can store and access files securely.

Flexible structure

Create your own folder structure or use one of our templates. Drag-and-drop files and folders from your hard drive, dropbox or any other file storage area.

View and download history

The viewing and download history allows the team to easily keep track of who have accessed what files and when.

Secure communication

Enhance the team’s ongoing communication with Hippoly’s support for encrypted conversations.

Team messaging

Spread ideas, news or a moment with your team. Share files, discuss and keep everyone on the same page with Team Messages.

Direct messaging

Direct Messages allow team members to have private conversations with each other, one to one or in groups.

Secure communication

Choose a more smooth and secure way to collaborate

Other features

Secure file sharing and communication are some of many Hippoly features. Explore other areas of use.