Digital signatures for leading teams

With Hippoly you can sign all documents electronically, which saves time, money and the environment. Simply nice to both your wallet and the planet!

Digital signing for Board of Directors

How eSigning works on Hippoly

eSign on any device
Works on all devices
All PDF documents uploaded to Hippoly can be signed electronically from your mobile, computer or tablet.

Smooth eSigning
Smooth and flexible signing
Choose who in the team that should sign the document and send. Signing is made with eID or SMS codes.

Secure eSigning
Security and integrity is a top priority in everything we do. When you send, sign and archive documents on Hippoly all data is encrypted both at rest and in transit.

Keep track of signing status
Keep track of the status
You have full control of who have signed and who you are waiting for. When the signing is completed, the document is replaced with the signed version.

Legal evidence
Legal evidence
Documents signed in Hippoly comply with global contract law and are enforceable in court. Each document signed has a comprehensive evidence package with a detailed verification chain and a tamper-proof digital sealing.

eSigning compliance
E-signing in Hippoly complies with all major e-signing and data integrity laws, such as eIDAS , GDPR ESIGN and UETA. To learn more about Hippoly’s work related to personal integrity visit the GDPR-page.

Scrive – our partner in E-signing

Scrive was founded in 2010 and quickly became the market leader in the Nordic region delivering electronic signing solutions. Today, with customers in over 30 countries, Scrive is known as an innovator in workflow automation that requires electronic signing and electronic identity authentication.


Scrive’s solution for electronic signing of documents is integrated with Hippoly. It gives our users the opportunity to use one of the safest and most flexible solutions for e-signing in a cost-effective way.

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