Task management

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Keep track of what you have decided, what to do and what has been done!

Tasks and decisions
Action list


Get control of what the team have decided. Hippoly helps you keep track of your decisions and related actions.

Create the board’s action plan…

Describe what have been decided, state when it should be done and who is responsible. Those responsible will receive reminders as the due date approaches.

…and share the progress with the whole team.

Everyone in the team will share the same view and be able to keep track on what is completed and what is still to be done.

Get full control of things assigned to you

Your personal action list gives you full control of actions that have been assigned to you. If you work in multiple teams, this is where you get the full view of what you are responsible for. You can also add private actions to your list – only visible to you.

Personal to-do-list

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